valentino (s1l2i3p1k9n8o9t) wrote in orange_cs,

Hey everyone, its me Val. If you dont already know there is going to be a meeting at my house tomorrow at 3:30 to 5:30. For all who don't know how to get to my house that's why I'm posting ^^. My Adress is:
6230 NW 38 Drive
Coral Springs, Fl
The community is gated but since the hurricane and stuff tehy took the gates down so you wont have to do anything to enter. The name of my community is Harbor Island. When you enter make a right and my adress is 6230 (as entiond above)
For more detaild infromation on how to get to my house from your house go to to mapquest.

If you are having trouble finding my house please call me cell phone: 954-993-7663.

Thanks you and hope to see you there.
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