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This is mainly for Michelle but I want everyone's insight on the matter as well:

Tonight, I went to my grandma's house for a family night of Hannukah, and my cousin, well, my dad's cousin, but whatever, was there. If you recall from our last meeting at the library, I mentioned this, but for those of you who weren't their, I'll fill you in. My cousin works at a software company, and he has set up websites for such foundations as Big Brother/Big Sister and others but I forgot. He was talking to my dad, whome I regularly discuss OO with, even if he isn't that interested, and he brought it up with my cousin. Apparently, my cousin had a girlfriend who had a serious problem with self-injury, and when my dad told him of OO, he said he could easily set up a real dot com website for us, for free because he loves me and I rock.

So, I told him I'd email him about some of the things we'd want on the site, just a general layout, and I was planning on sending him our other site,, just for an idea. What do you want on the website? Like, what should the basic layout be?
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